Friday, July 27, 2007

Update including work and Hans Roos

Well, I have been working. One day I got a one-day job at Santa Maria. The task was to lift 380 bags of cinnamon á 50kg. It was heavy but pretty fun. I also worked for a inventory company for one day, it was boring but I worked for 11 hours and thats money in the pocket.

Hans is still drilling, I don't even think he eats anymore. Not that it matters, the man is fat as a motherfucker. He won't open when I knock on his door, hopefully he will be done soon.

Oh, I will buy a macbook when Leopard comes out. It's a big decision for a poor man like me but I think it's the right one to make. It's leopard or vista and since vista sucks leopard is the only rational choice.

I am one of the few men that is more handsome without clothes.


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