Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Authors, books and work

The last couple of weeks my brain has been occupied with reading, mostly books, mostly written by Swedish author Sven Delblanc. It's strange reading books by someone you almost totally agree with on every point. 

He wrote a genius thing in his book Åsnebrygga (in English Asses bridge (my translation)): "Vit musik är seriös musik, svart musik är underhållning - definitionen ligger i färgadjektivet" (translated: "White music is serious, black music is entertainment - the definition is in the adjective [more correct: "color adjective"]").

It is also strange that I am so in to reading novells now when I really should be writing an home exam and be looking for job. Today I actually applied for several jobs in the storage sector, I cross my fingers!

My father and his "girlfriend" came to Gothenburg last weekend, that was fun. We spent most of the time walking, such a weird habit that many in this country of Sweden seems almost obsest with, and I just tag along. 

What is happening with Hans Roos you ask?
I will tell you now:
He is on vacation to the Ukraine to find his jewish roots in some place called Trachimbrod. I told him he was way off and that he wasn't really jewish. The backgound story to this whole thing is that Hans had a concussion and suffered some memory loss of his heritage so I told him about his jewish forefathers (or rather just read some of Jonathan Safran Foers book Everything is Illuminated over the phone) and off he went. I hope the best of luck to him, I mean going to Odessa and claiming to be a jew on the lookout for a place called Trachimbrod. Please God, keep him safe.

I am more misstreated than you, SUCKER

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