Monday, September 18, 2006

what could I say

The election is over and it didn't end the way I hoped.

Anyway, I'm rather satisfied since the party I voted for got more votes in this election than the last one.

What will happen to Sweden now? I think people will regret their choice in a year or two and after a few years the next election will return power to the socialdemocratic power.

What I can't understand is how the capitalistic party of "moderaterna" could climb so much. My theory is that people really don't know what this party really stands for.

Well, the people have the power and I just have to respect this.

Be your own!

Friday, September 15, 2006


I don't know the word for it, but today I have engaged in some minor moving of furniture and kitchenmachines. It really had to be done otherwise I would not had been able to study.

As you may notice most of my recent posts all express some kind of thought about school. This may seem kind of boring for the more active readers of this blog but I don't care, that is my life now.

Today I went to my local supermarket and for some reason I can't understand I happened to bump in to the same girl in every isle, that was pretty disturbing since she was kind of ugly and looked totally lost.

I hope I never meet this "girl" again.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I was really studying for the first time in this semester today so I felt I deserved a new playlist on my Ipod (yes I've got one, and unlike some people I rather like it).

Since I got home from my summer vacation I have used the "playlist" function rather than put whole albums on the Ipod and I like it.

This new playlist consist of 27 tracks all randomly selected by my mind. So here we go, this is what I will listen to for at least a couple of days:

1. Michael Price - Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City

2. Latin Kings - Shuno

3. AHA - Take on Me

4. N*E*R*D - Provider

5. David Bowie - Let's Dance

6. Supertramp - Breakfast in America

7. Damien Marley - It Was Written

8. Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian

9. Jah Division - Dub Will Tear Us Apart

10. David Bowie - Life On Mars?

11. Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost of Tom Joad

12. Jurassic 5 - Gotta Understand

13. Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push

14. Alphaville - Big in Japan

15. The Chi-Lites - Oh-Girl

16. Los Lobos - Salma Dance

17. Coldplay - Don't Panic

18. Zero 7 - In the Waiting

19. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

20. Iron and Wine - Such Great Hights

21. Radiohead - We Suck Young Blood

22. Dr. Dre - No Diggity

23. Housemartins - Happy Hour

24. Daft Punk - Da Funk

25. Radiohead - Knives Out

26. Common - Testify

27. Nina Simone - Sinnerman

As you can see it's a broud selection of genres, and I truly love that in a playlist. It is boring to listen to one genre or one artist or one era.

If you don't like my playlist you can kiss my ass!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This is how your beloved Jewelthief will vote according to a test manufactured by DN (DagensNyheter)

Mp 80%
V 80%
S 66%
C 43%
Fp 38%
Kd 38%
M 23%

I am not surprised at all.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Today I will go get some coffee with an old friend. It will probably be a funny day, I haven't talked to her in a while now.

By the way, the wheather here in Gothenburg sucks. Not one day with fine wheather since I came back from my vacation.

Now the next semester begins in a few days and I don't feel ready at all. But I hope there aint no fucking retards on my new institution.

Fuck everyone!