Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth, kiwi and faki soupa

Yesterday was a boring rainy day and we watched Live Earth from beginning to end, it made me depressed. Why can't they invite some good artists? And how dissapointing wasn't snoop doggs perfomence?


Me and my girlfriend bought 20 kiwi fruits the day before yesterday and I have been consuming them like there was no tomorrow. My tounge is full off blisters, but it was worth it.

My sister came by today, hung over as a motherfucker. We served her some greek faki soupa, she enjoyed it so much she left.

Hans Roos is back from the Ukraine. He is not mad but for some reason he has started pile up his garbage in the corridor. I don't know what to do, he doesn't even open when I knock. It's his loss. I just hope the Ukraine didn't change him to the worse, he is bad enough allready. I guess I can invite him for some coffee by fax, he loves his faxmachine. I don't get it, I bought him a brand new macbook pro so he could email me but he uses it as a coaster. That's what you get for being generous.

Well, fuck Hans Roos!

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